The dream and mission of Shadowmire Media is not just to publish and survive off the new projects and publications of Richard L. Sanders, author of The Phoenix Conspiracy, although we are grateful to be given the chance to publish the many new series he is working on--we are very excited to share them with you! But no, the true mission and purpose of this small publishing house is to take advantage of our access to all kinds of undiscovered talent, including editors, artists, etc., combined with our expertise in studying the economic patterns and markets of the independent publishing platforms and routes, for years, and so we have the tools and the knowledge and the connections to enable undiscovered, otherwise never known, dark horse, independent people who otherwise would never get the chance to publish, for example, what might be a magnificent and brilliant manuscript you write thirty years ago and then left it locked away in some drawer somewhere, never to see the light of day. Dust it off and send it over and, if your passion is evident, then we want to help publish you, and use our connections to help your beloved stories get maximum exposure, putting best foot forward, having had access to professional cover art, professional editing, and so on, and to do so without sneakily robbing away from you your right to have fundamental ownership over your art that you put your soul into. Please do come back and see us once we are rolling and going for real, and not this pathetic temporary site that took six minutes to make and is not even standing here for "demo" purposes, merely technical ones. We think we can help a lot of people around the world fall in love with a lot of unique and never-known talent, and help that talent enjoy that feeling of knowing some many thousand strangers in some distant part of the world fell in love with the characters and journey you made, and everybody wins. Our philosophy is, so long as the enterprise is smartly driven, of course, but fundamentally based upon a foundation where, for all parties, it is passion in their art or craft that drives them above all else ... then we will succeed and the rising tide will lift all boats--everyone is better off in the end. That is our intention, mission, and we will do everything we can to make that happen. But we do urge you to consider submitting your talent to us, as we would love to see if we can help you along with the people we already have found, and hopefully keep finding! And if you are just looking for great, lesser-known ebooks and a gold-mine of independent, rare passion-driven artists, authors, etc., then that is okay too. You will be glad you came back to this website, even if it's in six months from now ... because our every single day is spent with that goal in mind. The tide we dream of will raise all boats. There are no losers here. Just passion, and passion, and passion, and a helluva lot of work for the least amount of profit we can survive on, and zero ulterior motives (like trying to steal your right to own and control your creations!)

2224 - Eve Scarlet Wrath of Meridian Book 3 - Ebook